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INOLAWYER is a digital platform for Lawyers and Law firms which leverages cutting edge technology and modern working practices to provide a cost effective and high effective-quality services.

The platform makes available all the usual facilities, infrastructure and resources typically found in a Law firm, but combines those benefits with unrivalled flexibility and support.

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News & Insights

 Verzicht auf die amtliche Beglaubigung von Unterschriften bei der Prüfung von Vollmachten

By Amelie Hoffmann, Zurich

Jan 16 2021

Bei der Prüfung von Vollmachten kann aufgrund der aktuellen Lage auf die amtliche Beglaubigung von Unterschriften vorerst verzichtet werden.

Vision Group AG acquires Urbach Optik AG: Urbach Law advises Urbach Optik AG and majority shareholders

By Simon Urbach, Zurich

Jan 05 2021

Urbach Optik AG, Swiss company based in Dübendorf, one of the largest online retailers for contact lenses in Europe is sold to Vision Group AG

Caution: SECO checks the legality of short-time work compensation

By Amelie Hoffmann, Zurich

Sep 18 2020

Has your company received short-time work compensation for employees in connection with Covid-19? The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is now reviewing the legality of short-time working compensation for individual companies and will revise if working time controls are inadequate.