• End-to-end solutions to run your law business.
  • IT infrastructure, data archiving.
  • Online marketing platform to increase your business.
  • Client meeting rooms in Prime location.
  • Technology solutions to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.
  • All clients are staying your clients.
  • We provide a risk free way of self-employment.
  • You can retain your own identity and independence as a Lawyer.
  • It remains your decision if you would like to profit from our marketing tools or not. There is no obligation to be on our marketing page.


Run it from one place and work from anywhere.

Participating Lawyers benefit from a wide range of facilities, paired with a highly experienced support team that truly understands the needs and demands faced by the lawyers of today. The essential facilities cater for administration, compliance, invoicing, marketing comparable with that of a conventional law firm. This setup allows you to work from anywhere in the world and use our facilities.


Increase your Business, grow your law practice.

Our IT infrastructure reflects the firm’s ethos by ensuring that, from the moment you join, you are fully equipped to grow your business. We provide you the Digital Marketing and Branding tools you need to increase your visibility and reach to a wider client base.

The firm’s top-notch IT platform, my.inolawyer provides clever technology that dramatically reduces the time you spend on administrative tasks and enables you to collaborate and network with other lawyers, thereby increasing your knowhow and ability to win bigger and multi-disciplinary projects.


Good for your bottom line.

INOLAWYER's infrastructure reflects the new way of working in a shared economy. You only pay what you really need and for what you really use.

We provide RISK FREE way of self-employment.


Be advanced, Be compliant, Be efficient.

Our platform, my.inolawyer, reflects the firm’s philosophy by ensuring that, from the moment you join, you are fully equipped to work securely and efficiently – from any location and without restrictions on connectivity. INOLAWYER ensures privacy while facilitating collaboration amongst lawyers.


  • Computer set-up and encryption
  • Intranet platform
  • Document management system
  • Invoice Management, QR Code Invoice
  • Cost and Expenses Management
  • Time Management
  • Agreements and Smart Contracts
  • Data backup and retrieval
  • Automatic translation services
  • 24x7 support


Live your Entrepreneurial freedom.

INOLAWYER allows you to keep your entrepreneurial freedom and your identity.

We give you the tools to work efficiently but leave you the flexibility in order to distinguish yourself from other lawyers.


Permissioned Blockchain for Swiss Lawyers.

INOLAWYER is proud to provide 'Inoledger' - First Permissioned Blockchain for Swiss Lawyers.

Inoledger is a permissioned blockchain, intended to provide Ethereum based blockchain solutions for Swiss Lawyers.