About Us

INOLAWYER is a network of independent lawyers and law firms. In a quest to provide unique benefits to clients, INOLAWYER combines the power of advanced technology with the legal expertise of its diverse, independent lawyers and law firms.

Reinventing the legal services industry 

Pioneering lawyers and IT professionals realize that the future of the legal services industry is shifting from being purely legal to a digital hybrid that is in permanent need of digital innovation. INOLAWYER has been created to answer that need.

Non-stop innovation

Our commitment not only to being a technology adopter, but to be the inventors ourselves, makes it clear to us that this challenge can only be achieved if our focus is on innovation. Digitization is not our side business, it is our business.

Quality Experts

Our independent Experts have been thoroughly checked and selected. They have a proven track record with tested know-how and experience. They are responsive and responsible, possess an astute understanding of your industry and go above and beyond your expectations. Attorneys are all certified to practice in the mentioned jurisdictions.

Delivering better value

Our highly bespoke and dynamic service enables us to quickly onboard diversified and independent Experts to solve complex cases. This delivers better value.